Ithaca's summer college is more than an academic experience. The summer college program is about both work and play!

Students can visit the downtown Ithaca Commons, watch one of the largest Fourth of July fireworks displays in central New York, work out at our award-winning Fitness Center (students must be at least 16 years old), play games on the quads, and scan the stars in our very own observatory.

Cocurricular and Recreational Activities

The director, residential coordinator, and college-age resident advisers work with students to create a variety of cocurricular and recreational activities. But some of the most memorable activities will be spontaneous.

Off-campus activities might include going to the movies, dining downtown, hikes and picnics in area parks, or a visit to the local theater.

Activities will be organized by summer staff, based on student interest. Activities are scheduled every day of the week.

College staff will also present workshops on topics such as writing college academic essays, time management, choosing a career, and selecting a college. Students may also schedule an admission interview for information and practice.

Ithaca -- A Classic Collegetown

Home to both Ithaca College and Cornell University, Ithaca is widely recognized as an ideal collegetown. The area abounds in entertainment, athletic events, lectures, and other activities. Go to www.visitithaca.com to learn more about the area.