Explore the relationship between art and activism.

The course will offer an opportunity for students to have exposure to and explore the relationship between art and activism. I intentionally teach in ways that honor art and activism.  The experience will also serve as a model for how a teacher can create a  deeply reflective classroom community in a very short period of time.  I intentionally create a space for students to authentically process who they are, how they learn, what they know, and what they don't know. Honoring the historic and present sources of healing, freedom, and social transformation embedded in Blackness and Black Culture, students will have exposure to various Black Creatives (singers, dancers, painters, poets) and learn about the stories and larger social systems that generate such groundbreaking works. 

  • Students will read, write, and discuss perspectives on art, activism, and Black cultures to foster on-going critical reflection of power, privilege, and oppression.
  • Students will deconstruct clips from classic works, popular social media, and counter-narratives in performing arts.
  • Students will identify movements and empowerment curricula designed for liberation

Taught by Dr. Nia Nunn.

Dr. Nia Nunn is an Associate Professor in the Department of Education at Ithaca College and Board of Directors President of Southside Community Center, Inc. "Dr. Nia" (as she is often called), was born and raised in Ithaca, N.Y.   Today, she wears various head-wraps living back in her community as an educator-scholar-artist-activist-mother.  Teaching Educational Psychology and creating courses that center Black Feminisms,  Dr. Nia is committed to learning and engaging audiences creatively, intensely, and gracefully.