Begin by Helping Others!

One of the most important journeys in college is to discover how to make an impact on the world.

For many students, that journey starts by learning the community around them, and determining ways that they can affect change on a local level through volunteerism, advocacy, and social action. 

This immersive program will consist of direct service volunteer opportunities, where students will engage in a variety of local activities. Planting community gardens, helping repair trails in the area, or supporting the local library -  this is a chance to begin learning how Ithaca College and the residents of Tompkins County support each other. 

The program will be further enhanced by interactive presentations and workshops on volunteerism and civic engagement throughout the week, with topics including:

  • direct service experience (in one and up to three Ithaca organizations)
  • community exploration (field trips around Ithaca and region)
  • making the most of local resources
  • an introduction to models of engagement available to college students including: community-based service, service-learning, civic engagement experiential learning, and internships
  • an exploration of what it means to be a community member
  • strategies for outreach and networking to start community engagement before and during college
  • reflections on service
  • communicating volunteerism on resumes and college applications

This is a noncredit experience. Students enrolled in this course automatically receive a 20% community service scholarship.

Community engagement and workshops coordinated by Ithaca College's Office of Student Engagement, providing IC students year-round with innovative and collaborative learning opportunities to empower all students at Ithaca College to feel a sense of belonging, explore their passions, and make a difference. OSE is the home for student organizations and involvement opportunities, leadership development activities, and community service programs.