• Synchronous classes* from 11:00am – 5:15pm EST from Monday to Friday for all three weeks of the summer intensive program. *Synchronous means via Live Zoom sessions, with interaction. Asynchronous class options may be pre-recorded, and can be viewed at students’ convenience.  
  • Each student will need a space to be able to engage vocally and physically in the work of the STIO. This includes reliable wi-fi, and effective audio and video functionality. For those in performance tracks, this space should allow for safe and free movement (maybe wearing sneakers for dance to be safe on hard surfaces). Carve out a room or area of space that provides some privacy and focus – you’ll need it!
  • All STIO students take Script Analysis twice a week for 60 minutes. One day each week will be as a full group/lecture. One day will be a smaller discussion-focused session. Texts will be provided via PDF. 
  • Friday afternoons feature 3-hour expert classes. The topics and guest artists are TBD, and may be as a whole group or for the specific Performance (Acting/Musical Theatre) or Playwriting/Dramaturgy tracks

This schedule format is subject to adjustment. Participant details with a final schedule will be emailed to all participants in the weeks leading up to the program launch.

Please explore the tracks below for more specifics.

Two actors laughing while looking at a frame.
The Acting program will cover voice and movement, speech and text, scene work, monologue work, ballet and jazz dance classes. There will also be prescreen audition prep!
Two actors looking at their scripts during a rehearsal.
The Musical Theatre track will cover musical theatre acting, voice lessons, ballet, jazz and tap. It will also include prescreen audition prep!
Students in classroom
This track will cover playwriting, dramaturgy, text analysis and more. For students who love theatre - this is an inclusive and broad path for anyone who loves theatre and wants to explore as many options as possible. College interview prep included!