Nia Nunn

Blues Legacies, Movement Alchemy, and Black Oral Traditions

Dr. Nia Nunn is an Associate Professor in the Department of Education at Ithaca College and Board of Directors President of Southside Community Center, Inc. Prior to receiving a B.A. in Early Childhood Education at Clark Atlanta University and a Ph.D. in School Psychology at Michigan State University, "Dr. Nia" (as she is often called), was born and raised in Ithaca, N.Y. Today, she wears various head-wraps living back in her community as an educator-performer-scholar-artist-mother. As part of her passion and responsibility, Dr. Nia is committed to learning and engaging audiences creatively, intensely, and gracefully.  

Her research, teaching, and service focuses on a Black feminist approach to anti-racist curricula. With an article in the Journal of Gender and Education titled “Super-Girl: Strength and sadness in Black Girlhood” and a forthcoming article titled “Sister-Circles: Creating spaces and a curricula of liberation with Black college women,” Dr. Nia's work centers Black Girl liberation & emancipatory learning, as well as performing arts and human rights curriculum development.  Offering brief exposure to a Black Consciousness Curriculum from the Community Unity Music Education Program (CUMEP) at Southside Community Center, her participatory methods of teaching can be expected to creatively engage audience members in critical reflection and a desire to learn more.