2019 Electives Are Now Available

Each class meets once.

Voicings for jazz/pop/rock accompaniment – Dr. John White

Begin learning basic chord voicings to use when improvising accompaniment patterns in jazz, pop, or rock music. Learn to apply these patterns when reading a lead sheet. If you already know a bit, you’ll learn more!

College Preparation and Life As a College Piano Major – Dr. Charis Dimaras

 I think I’d like to be a piano major in college.  How should I prepare?  What will the audition be like?  When do I need to decide?  What can I do with a major in music?  If you are asking these questions, this class is for you!

Beginning Improvisation – Dr. John White  

Learn essential basics of improvising like as how to develop ideas, play over chord patterns, and using new scales. More advanced topics may include improvising formal designs, modulation schemes, and using more sophisticated harmonies. All activities will be designed to apply to many styles of music---classical, pop, jazz, etc.

Managing Performance Jitters – Dr. Vadim Serebryany and Dr. Cecily Anders

Many musicians experience performance anxiety.  In this workshop, we will be learning and practicing introductory mindfulness, self-compassion, and cognitive skills to better manage performance anxiety.  Dr. Anders is a licensed psychologist in the state of New York.

Practice for Success – Dr. Dmitri Novgorodsky

How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall? - "Practice!"  Piano-playing is an amazingly rewarding activity but is also a difficult task that takes time to improve. Knowing how HOW to practice efficiently helps take your playing to the next level faster. This class will discuss ways of making practicing both more focused and more fun

Playing Well With Others – Dr. Diane Birr  

This elective will look at the attributes and skills necessary to be an effective collaborative pianist - whether that be accompanying a choir, vocalist or instrumentalist.  In addition to addressing balance, phrasing, working with languages, etc., the class will also look at dealing with pesky orchestral "reductions" that include everything but the kitchen sink and pose real challenges for pianists.  Students should come with questions based on their collaborative experiences.

The Title of This Session Is . . . . . (Blank) – Dr. Deborah Martin

We’ve all been there. We’ve rehearsed the music a million times, and then suddenly in the middle of performance, suddenly it’s all a blank. How can you memorize your music more securely? What techniques do professional memory experts use?  This session will equip you with tips and tricks for avoiding the blanks.

Dana Suesse: The Girl Gershwin – Dr. Laura Amoriello

Composer Dana Suesse stormed the American music scene of the 1930s, achieving a level of fame rare for a woman of her time. Her hit songs from movies are still recognized today, and her solo piano works are gaining popularity. In this elective, you’ll learn more about her fascinating life and hear performances of her delightful pieces.