Admission & Registration


Summer sessions registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration begins January 9.

Continuing Ithaca College degree students should register online for their summer courses using HomerConnect. These students will be billed by student financial services for summer charges.

Students who need special permission of the instructor, course prerequisites and/or other restrictions waived should ask the instructor to email with an approval for manual registration.

Incoming students who will officially matriculate in a term following the summer should register as an extramural student.

Extramural students must register through the Office of Extended Studies. Extramural students who wish to register in graduate-level courses must obtain the approval of the department’s graduate program chair before they register.

Enrollment in an individualized study is by permission only. A student must formally register before he or she begins the individualized study (i.e., independent study, fieldwork, internship, or performance study). Early registration is encouraged. Registration cannot be accepted after the registration deadline (refer to the current Academic Calendar for deadlines).

Note: The Audit option is not available during the summer sessions.