Campus Operations

Ithaca College continually assesses its operations, procedures and policies in order to foster the incorporation of sustainability thinking and practice into its day-to-day management.

Some of our earliest efforts in becoming more sustainable as an organization were undertaken within our campus operational units. From very early leadership in comprehensive recycling and food waste composting, to adoption of procurement standards for minimum 30% recycled content office paper, to energy and water conservation strategies, our efforts continue to further our goal to create a "living learning" laboratory that models and reinforces what our students are learning about sustainability in their classrooms. 

One of our most powerful "secret weapons" has been to engage students and faculty in our ongoing effort to make their campus more sustainable - we have created productive collaborative partnerships between operational managers and student researchers to study our "sustainability challenges" on campus, with many projects achieving great results over the years. This opportunity for students to "learn by doing" has reaped benefits many-fold in terms of the long-lasting impact their work has had on making Ithaca College a more sustainable campus.  

You can learn more about some of these projects by visiting the Student Research page.