Community Outreach

At Ithaca College, we take very seriously the following mission statement:

All members of the College community are encouraged to achieve excellence in their chosen field and to share the responsibilities of citizenship and service in the global community.

At Ithaca College, we believe that “sustainability” is not a "what" – it's a "how." We have re-framed sustainability as a decision-making framework for continuous improvement. Through making more enlightened and balanced decisions - mindfully taking into account one's social, environmental and economic impacts - one’s actions can become more sustainable over time. Achieving greater campus sustainability demands a culture of “life-long learning” in which we constantly re-examine our activities through new lenses, asking ourselves the question: “How can we do [xyz] smarter?”

In our drive to achieve institutional and academic excellence in the area of campus sustainability, we seek to glean knowledge from multiple sources and, through reflection, develop greater understanding from the experience, successes and failures of ourselves and others, and apply our wisdom to continually improve both what we do and how we do it.

In turn, if we are to achieve global sustainability, it is incumbent upon us to freely and widely share the lessons we have learned with all the members of our campus community, with our neighbors in the City of Ithaca and Tompkins County region, with our peers and colleagues within higher education, and to anyone else “out there” willing to listen and learn with us.

In this section, you'll find some of the many ways we reach out to our community on the Ithaca campus and well beyond our borders.