Water = Life . . . An Enjoyable Online Summer Course

In this online class, we learn via internet readings, videos, podcasts, guest lecturers and discussions that link students and experts. The course will make you deeply aware of water as an essential element for all life as it explores questions such as: Why is water an important part of many religious rituals?  Why is water considered 'Blue Gold'? What is your water footprint? Does water have memory? We will use perspectives from the arts, humanities and sciences, and also focus on the global politics of water and sustainability. Participate any time of day, from anywhere with high speed online access. No pre-reqs. 3 cr.  LA -- CLTC 22100 - Water = Life May - June Summer Session. Faculty: Mara Alper @

Originally published in Intercom: Water = Life . . . An Enjoyable Online Summer Course.