A typical day includes private lessons (small master classes) and group repertory classes for all levels from Book 1 through advanced, arranged according to level and age.

The program is designed with the understanding that parents will be involved, as they are at home, with lessons, practice, and the general supervision of their children.

Each student is asked to play a polished piece as a solo at the first meeting of the private lesson; this is an opportunity for the teacher and student to get acquainted musically. No matter what the level of current study, the student should select a piece from the repertory that he or she has studied and played repeatedly. Faculty members may recommend students for participation in the afternoon recital programs. These students have the opportunity to rehearse with a professional accompanist before performing in the institute recitals.


Violin students in Book 5 and above, viola students in Book 4 and above, and cello students in Book 3 and above will be automatically scheduled for orchestra. For students who are not yet at these levels, there is an opportunity to select the "Reading Orchestra" enrichment option.

A Typical Day

A typical day at the Suzuki Student  Institute may begin as early as 8:00 am:

  • one-hour master class (short, "private" lesson)
  • one-hour repertory (group) class
  • one-hour play-in (large group)
  • one-hour optional enrichment class (see descriptions)
  • one-hour orchestra (appropriate levels only)
  • one-hour attendance at recitals
  • one-hour attendance at evening concerts
  • practice

2020 Dates

Advanced Violin, Viola, and Cello June 29 –July 10, 2020
Student Institute (week 1) June 29–July 3, 2020

Student Institute (week 2)

July 5–July 10, 2020
Student Institute (weeks 1 & 2) June 29 –July 10, 2020