Teachers may enroll in Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) courses as either participants or auditors.

All participants are eligible to receive SAA registration. Participants must provide their own instruments and will perform during class sessions. The auditor category is designed for teachers who do not have the technical facility to perform the material in the book being studied. Auditors do not perform during class sessions. Teachers may enroll for only one course per time period listed.

  • Applicants with auditions prepared any time up to 4 weeks before the Unit One course will follow the regular audition process.¬† The website suzukiassociation.org will be programmed to assist the applicant in checking for exact audition deadlines for Unit One and Book 5 and above..
  • Applicants with 10 days to 4 weeks before the start of the course have the opportunity to submit an express audition, with an added $40 fee.
  • Please visit the SAA website for specific audition requirements.

Please visit suzukiassociation.org, and click on the teacher training link to access the downloadable video audition application form (with instructions), or call 888-378-9854 to request this form.