Applications are open!

Summer Theatre Intensive complete applications in two systems: Campminder and Get Acceptd

Get Acceptd applications are now open! You can begin and submit either application at any time.

Applicants require the following to complete their application:

  1. Create an account and complete the Ithaca College precollege program online application in Campminder.
  2. Submit $35 application fee. (Select three-week program.)
  3. Create an account and complete the Summer Theatre Intensive online application in Get Acceptd. 
  4. Upload additional application materials to Get Acceptd, based on track. (See call-out below for details.)
  5. Submit $20 application fee. 

Early application is recommended. Early applicants have a greater likelihood of receiving their choice of courses. 

Would you like to be considered for a second-choice program? Get Acceptd will give you the chance to let us know.

Admission to the Summer Theatre Intensive is rolling and notification will begin around mid-March 2020. We will continue to review until the deadline.

Application deadline: June 1.

Questions? Contact theatrearts@ithaca.edu

Get Acceptd Additional Materials

Get Acceptd applications are open!

Applicants to all four tracks are required to upload:

1) resume
2) current photo / headshot

Track-specific requirements:

Musical Theatre

1) Two songs, one up-tempo and one ballad from musicals, sung to piano accompaniment. (Recordings of prospective students' stage performances will not be accepted.) We are flexible about what you submit, but we need only up to a minute of each song. Applicants can submit full songs, or no less than 16 bars for ballad and 32 for uptempo.


1) One monologue: contemporary or classical in style, should be 60-90 seconds long.