Health and wellness related bulletin boards for RAs

Print and use in your residence halls.
file-outline Sports Nutrition Bulletin Board - sports-nutrition-2021.pdf (361.82 KB)
file-outline Strength Training Bulletin Board - strength-training-101-2021.pdf (240.63 KB)
file-outline Tick Borne Illness Bulletin Board - lyme-disease-2021.pdf (598.46 KB)
file-outline Social Media Use Bulletin Board - social-media-2021.pdf (1.1 MB)
file-outline Sleep Bulletin Board - sleep-bulletin-board-2021_0.pdf (1011.29 KB)
file-outline THRIVE in COVID at IC Bulletin Board - thrive-covid.pdf (1.2 MB)
file-outline Substance Use-Cannabis Bulletin Board - cannabis-revised-2021.pdf (688.83 KB)
file-outline Substance Use- Alcohol Bulletin Board - alcohol-bulletin-board-2021.pdf (1.57 MB)
file-outline Quarantine, Isolation & COVID board from the Wrap Around Care Managers - quarantine-and-isolation-board.pdf (907.1 KB)
file-outline Healthy Relationships - healthy-relationships.pdf (445.55 KB)
file-outline Sexual Health - sexual-health-2021.pdf (944.26 KB)
file-outline Nutrition Bulletin Board - nutrition-bulletin-board-rev_2021.pdf (1.89 MB)
file-outline All About COVID Bubbles - covid-bubble-board-spring-2021-final.pdf (1.12 MB)
file-outline COVID-19 Vaccine Myths & Facts - covid-vaccine-myths-and-facts-revised-4.7.21.pdf (289.28 KB)