Become a Learning Coach

We are continuing to accept Learning Coach pre-applications for Spring 2021 and for the coming academic year Fall 2021 - Spring 2022.


We NEED motivated students who can help others! We HIRE applicants based on the identified, prevailing HIGH-NEEDS courses. If a student applies to be a Learning Coach, and the selection of courses they can tutor do not meet our current need, we may place those applications in a TUTOR BANK and reach out to those students if the need arises.

While there is no specific cumulative GPA requirement, we want students to have:

  • strong grades in the courses that you wish to tutor;

  • commitment and a willingness to complete the required training course (seniors and graduate students are exempt);

  • faculty endorsement; and

  • the attributes of a person who can successfully work with others!

Apply to Become a Learning Coach!

Complete thisĀ formĀ if you are applying to be considered as a Learning Coach this year:

  • Spring 2021 only
  • BOTH Fall 2021 AND Spring 2022

If you were a temporary Learning Coach in Fall 2019 or Spring 2020, and want to return this year as a Learning Coach, you should complete this Academic Year application.