Math Tutorial Room (Department of Mathematics)

Drop-in tutoring for IC math courses is available through the Math Tutorial Room!

Currently enrolled IC students are encouraged to use this free resource.  For more information, click here!

On weekdays (Monday - Friday), the Math Tutorial Room is located in Williams 318, and staffed by mathematics faculty.  The Spring 2020 schedule is as follows (as of February 21):

Math Tutorial Room - Williams 318

[time] Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10 AM - 11 AM x x Megan Martinez x Jamie Rombach
11 AM - 12 PM x Jim Conklin David Brown Ted Galanthay Osman Yurekli
12 PM - 1 PM x x x x x
1 PM - 2 PM Stan Seltzer Cristina Gomez Emilie Wiesner Tom Pfaff x
2 PM - 3 PM Aaron Weinberg x Dan Visscher Matt Thomas x

Free drop-in math tutoring is also available in Williams 310, Monday and Thursday nights, 7 PM - 9 PM.  During these hours, the Evening Tutorial Room is staffed by advanced mathematics majors who can help you in introductory mathematics courses.