Peer Success Coaching

Request a Peer Success Coach

Peer Success Coaches are available to support and guide you as you navigate the college experience.  They can share tips and strategies on how to benefit from the tremendous  opportunities you have as Ithaca College students.  If you want to succeed academically by getting organized and understand new ways of approaching collegiate level study habits, request a Peer Success Coach!  If you want to build your confidence or connect with other IC students, requesting a Peer Success Coach (PSC) could be a great choice for you!  If you just need a friend to help you get acclimated, a Peer Success Coach is ready to support you!

Interested, but have questions?  Our office is located in 130 Rothschild Place.  Call 607-274-3381 for an appointment or email us at tutoring@ithaca.edu.   Our operating hours are from 8:30am to 5:00pm.  

How do I request a Peer Success Coach (PSC) and what happens after I submit my request?

You can request a Peer Success Coach (student mentor) online via our website!  

1) Submit the online request form.

2) Once submitted, you will get an email message indicating that we have received your request.

3) You will be invited to a brief meeting with professional staff in order to assess your needs and assign you to the right coach!

4) Your assigned PSC will reach out to you within 24-48 hours after your meeting via email or text.

5) Once you and your assigned coach connect, together the two of you can decide how to meet - either virtually via Zoom or Teams, or in-person.  Our community expectations and standards provides guidelines for all meetings.  In addition, we will follow the guidance of the College as the College complies with local and national protocols.

6) You and your PSC can meet one-on-one for 1 hour per week in one session or two 1/2 hour sessions.  There will also be opportunities for small group meetings.


Make the commitment to STAY CONNECTED with your PSC for the rest of the semester!!!  Periodically, we will check in with you to see how things are going!  You can also reach out to Tutoring Services professional staff as well when you have questions or concerns.

Quotes from Previous Students

“[My PSC] has helped me stay on top of my homework and assignments. General advice about IC courses and services offered on campus. Frequent check-ins helped."

“The PSC has been helpful in making me more confident about myself in regards to Ithaca College and educated about how the college works.”

“They've helped me with prioritizing, planning, and organization when it comes to time management and getting things done. We've even created an online list table where we put in the assignments, their course, and when it is due by, which I believe will help me a lot even outside of school. We've also recently put in another column for how long we think that it will take. Also, breaking things down into steps and smaller tasks. Besides just helping me do those things when we meet, I feel like I've improved my skills when it comes to those tasks. Also, she has helped me talk to professors and ask them questions about assignments.”

“My PSC kept me accountable! She helped me set short term, long term and weekly goals and then followed up and made sure I was staying on track! She also gave me a lot of great advice.”