Emerging Scholars Program (ESP)

Join the Emerging Scholars Program and participate in one of Ithaca's finest academic and professional development learning communities.


The mission of the Emerging Scholars Program (ESP) is to promote academic, personal, and professional excellence in Ithaca College students.  Our five areas of focus are:

  • academic achievement
  • professional development
  • personal enrichment
  • retention and graduation from Ithaca College; and
  • progression into competitive post-graduate experiences (e.g. graduate school, professional school, national or international service, or the world of work, etc).

ESP students benefit from a variety of program activities including but not limited to:

  • peer coaching;
  • peer tutoring;
  • faculty mentoring
  • academic and professional development activities;
  • field trips and off campus retreats; and
  • cultural support.

With regular attendance and committed engagement with ESP programs and services, you can earn:

  • high grades & Academic Achievement Awards at the Annual Multicultural Banquet; and
  • the Emerging Scholars Program Leadership Diploma at graduation.

For more information, please contact:

Yolanda Clarke, Manager of Tutoring Services

Emerging Scholars Program Director





The 2016-2017 ESP Peer Coaching Staff


John Thievon, BS, ESP Graduate Intern

Zihui Adams, Class of 2017, ESP Coach

Sam Amoako, Class of 2019, Apprentice Coach

Ahmad Boyd, Class of 2017, ESP Coach

Siena Cid, Class of 2017, ESP Coach

Efosa Erfunwunse, Class of 2018, ESP Coach

Shalice Hunt, Class of 2017, ESP Coach

Chance Peavy, Class of 2017, ESP Coach 



Attention ESP Enrollees:  This is your 3rd week "TO DO" list!

* Finalize your social/student organization schedule.  Figure out what you're going to do and when.  Make sure that it fits within your academic priorities.  If it does not.........

* If you have not already done so, visit your professor's office hours with questions.  If you understand everything, that's fine.  Still go!  Go and personally meet your professor so that she or he will know who you are.

* Stop spending.  You've probably purchased a lot of new things to start the year.  However, there is a long way to go and you need to make sure your funds STRETCH!

* Balance your bank account.  It's good to do that on a routine basis.

* Identify the best places to study on campus and use those spaces NOW.

* Do you have all of your books?

* * Learn the bus system in Ithaca.

* Learn how to get to Wegmans and the Mall.