User's Contract for Ongoing Tutoring

Welcome to Tutoring Services!

We are happy that you have decided to use tutoring! We want to be certain that you understand the purpose and intent of our services, as well as your responsibilities as a user. Your assigned tutor will touch upon some of these points with you at your first meeting, but the most pertinent details that you agree to comply with are listed below. Please take the time to read them thoroughly.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 607-274-3381. You can also stop by our office at 100 Rothschild Place! We are open from 8:30am to 5:00pm daily!

Wishing you all the best for a wonderful year! The Tutoring Services Staff



a. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: As a user of tutoring services, I understand that I am personally responsible for my success in all academic coursework. Peer tutors will help me, but I am responsible for earning my grades.

b. CLASS ATTENDANCE: As an adult learning, I understand that I must attend class on a regular basis. Tutoring is not a substitute for class attendance.

c. ROUTINE, EFFECTIVE STUDYING: I will study on a regular and consistent basis, applying effective study skills which will support my critical thinking. If I need to improve my study skills, I will seek assistance from a professional advisor in the Academic Advising Center.

d. AVAILABILITY: Once I make a request for tutoring, I understand that I need to make myself available during times when I am not in class, at work, or engaged in required sports activities. I will also make myself available for tutoring on weekends.

e. PREPARATION FOR SESSIONS: I will respect my tutor's efforts by coming to sessions prepared. I will have completed the assigned readings, reviewed class notes, and studied independently as well as with my group members if any have been assigned. I will prepare questions ahead of time so that my tutoring sessions are productive.

f. PURPOSE OF TUTORING: I understand that the purpose of tutoring is to address content-specific, course material. My tutor cannot help me with graded assignments such as take-home exams or projects. Further, I will not ask my tutors for academic advice - such as whether or not I should drop a course. I will seek assistance from professional advisors for matters of this nature.


a. PROFESSOR'S OFFICE HOURS: I understand that Ithaca faculty are the first line of defense whenever a student needs help with challenging course material. I will visit my professor's office hours to ask about material that I don't understand. I will use this critical resource in tandem with peer tutoring.

b. REGULAR ATTENDANCE TO SESSIONS: If I am enrolled in an ongoing group or individual tutoring arrangement, I understand that my regular attendance to tutoring sessions is important to my success. I will attend all tutoring sessions consistently until the last day of tutoring in the semester. If I need to miss a session due to illness, I will notify my tutor right away via email, text, or phone. If I decide to withdraw from tutoring prior to this time, I will complete the online Discontinuation Form available at

c. RESPECT FOR TUTOR'S TIME: I will arrive to all sessions on time.

d. CANCELLING A SESSION: Planning is important. If you or your group need(s) to cancel a schedule due to a scheduling conflict, contact your tutor be email, text, or phonecall (whatever the two of you agree upon) at least 48 hours ahead of time so that the tutor can schedule other activities during the time that you would have met. If you are cancelling due to illness, notify the tutor as soon as possible.

e. NEGLIGENCE/MISSED SESSIONS: I understand that if I miss two consecutive tutoring sessions without properly notifying my tutor, the tutor will notify the Manager of Tutoring Services. I will be withdrawn from services and my tutor may be reassigned to new students. I understand that behavior of this nature is irresponsible and it could influence my future requests for tutoring.


a. PLAGIARISM: I have read in its entirety the Ithaca College Policy Manual Volume VII, section on plagiarism and I fully understand what it means and the implications if I am charged. If I am unsure, I will be certain to ask my professor prior to handing in any work. I also understand that I cannot copy any of my tutor's work or review any of his/her past graded assignments. If my tutor attempts to share old graded assignments with me, I should report it to the Manager of Tutoring Services.

b. GRADED ASSIGNMENTS: I will not ask my tutor to help me with take-home exams, midterms, finals or other grade assignments and projects. I know that by doing so, my tutor will report it to the Manager of Tutoring Services and I will be referred to Judicial Affairs.

c. OLD EXAMS: I understand that some professors allow use of old exams for studying, but others do not. If my tutor shares old exams with me, I will initiate a discussion on whether or not this is approved. If neither of us knows, we will consult with the course professor so that neither one of us has to be referred to Judicial Affairs.

d. GRADE APPEALS: I understand that I cannot appeal a low or failing grade in a specific course for any reason related to tutoring: either no tutor was available at the time of my request; or a tutor gave me wrong information. I am responsible to seek support from my course professors if either is the case.


a. ONGOING FEEDBACK: I have the option of evaluating my tutor after each session by completing a Session Evaluation Form on the Tutoring Services Sakai site. the Manager of Tutoring Services will review my feedback. The purpose is to ensure that my tutor understands the material and s/he is following the proper guidelines and procedures for tutoring as they have been trained to do so.

b. CONCERNS ABOUT MY TUTOR: I will contact the Manager of Tutoring Services immediately if I have serious concerns about my tutor's ability to tutor me, his/her work ethic, or other matters.

c. SURVEYS/FOCUS GROUPS: I agree to participate in Tutoring Services evaluation and assessment activities if I am asked (online surveys and/or focus groups) if I am asked.