Academic tips for first year students!

Tutoring and other activities can help you earn your best grades!


►Sign up for a September Study Skills workshop with the Academic Advising Center!


►Set S.M.A.R.T. goals at the beginning of the semester (see sidebar)!


►Eat well and get good sleep!


►Attend class regularly and arrive on time!


►Practice good study habits on a regular basis - not just when you have an exam!


►Take excellent notes!


►Read the textbook even if the print is small!


►Think critically!


►Use a planner to manage your time!


►Meet your classroom peers and develop study groups!


►Go to professors' office hours and ask questions!


►Go to TA review sessions!


►Learn as much as possible about campus resources and use them before you're in deep academic difficulty!


►Meet with your departmental Faculty Advisor and a Professional Advisor in the Academic Advising Center!