Programs by Discipline

  • Business and Management
    Whether your goal is to work on Wall Street or Main Street, our flexible multidisciplinary programs will help you chart your own course in the world of business.
  • Computing and Technology
    Whether your interests lie in research, design, or teaching, our computer and technology programs will provide you with the knowledge and tools you'll need to shape the future.
  • Exploratory
    Uncover your future career path by exploring your interests and strengths.
  • Health and Exercise
    Study the ins and outs of fitness and well-being with our health and exercise programs.
  • Health Education
    Help to ensure the health and well-being of your community with majors in health education and policy.
  • Humanities
    Unlock the power of the past and consider the expressions of today in our programs in the humanities.
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
    Our interdisciplinary studies programs will help you succeed in our increasingly complex global culture.
  • Mathematics and Natural Sciences
    Beyond the formulas and experiments, the study of math and science provides several distinct means of communicating with other people around the world.
  • Media and Communications
    Explore the ways that people and organizations communicate through words, images, and design.
  • Modern Languages
    Gain an international perspective by studying a foreign language at Ithaca.
  • Music
    Rigorous training on your major instrument and a strong liberal arts foundation will help you pursue a career in music.
  • Physical Rehabilitation and Therapy
    Learn to help people cope with and overcome physical, developmental, and cognitive challenges.
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
    Whether you study Keynes, Freud, or Yankee Stadium, the social and behavioral sciences encompass the full scope of the human condition.
  • Sport and Recreation
    Get the most out of your love of sports and recreation with our exciting programs. Game on!
  • Theatre Arts
    Put your talents for onstage performance and backstage management in the spotlight!
  • Visual Arts
    Explore your creative side through Ithaca's programs in the visual arts.