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Avery Santiago

Avery Santiago

Sociology & Philosophy-Religion | Brooklyn, NY
Who is your favorite faculty member?

My favorite faculty member is Professor Jessica Dunning-Lozano. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Ithaca College. She specializes in education, crime, law, and deviance, race, and poverty. I adore Professor Dunning-Lozano because she goes above and beyond for her students. I took Definitions of Normality with Professor Dunning-Lozano my sophomore year and I was truly captivated by the class. Definitions of Normality had engaging lessons and homework that made me push my framework about norms in society. Not only is she an awesome professor but an amazing advisor! Professor Dunning-Lozano has been a great resource for myself and many others. If you have the chance, I recommend taking a class with her!

Major: Sociology and Philosophy-Religion

Theme: Mind, Body, Spirit

Some of the cool things I do on campus are:

I am very active on campus! You can always find me running around to my next destination or participating in many activities.

My first two years, I was an Admitted Student Ambassador. As an Admitted Student Ambassador, I reached out to prospective students and gave them the inside scoop on Ithaca College. During my sophomore year, I became a President's Host which gave me a closer interaction with prospective students.

When I'm not giving tours on campus, you can find me in The Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs. I work as a Student Leadership Consultant in OSEMA with 15 other dynamic students.When I'm not assisting students, I work on projects such as selecting Orientation Leaders/Student Leadership Consultants, Service Saturdays, First Generation Student Programming, and The Club Hub Newsletter.

When I'm not in OSEMA, you can find me hanging out in The Office of State Grants. I am a student in the New York State Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP). This program provides me with professional development opportunities and offers countless other support services. I am truly proud to be apart of a program that empowers historically underrepresented groups.

One of my personal interests is helping out first-generation college students. As a first-generation college student myself, I wanted to support the first-generation community here at Ithaca College by creating events and programming catered to first-generation college students. I am the founder and current president of 1st Gen, a student-led organization at Ithaca College.

Throughout my time at Ithaca College, I received many notable awards and scholarships. I received awards for First-Year Academic Achievement for African Latino Asian Native American (ALANA) students from Multicultural Affairs and an Academic Excellence from The Office of State Grants. I also received a scholarship from The Ithaca Achievement Program (iAP).

My most prestigious accomplishment this year was overcoming a very competitive process and becoming a BOLD Scholar. I am 1 of 10 junior women inducted into the inaugural group of BOLD Scholars at Ithaca College founded by President Shirley M. Collado. The BOLD Women's Leadership Network provides scholarships of up to $25,000 per year and a suite of academic and professional development activities to students who identify as female and who are in their junior year or senior year at the college. With BOLD, I have the chance to enhance my leadership skills and combined my passions for social equity and facilitating challenging discourse.

Above all, I am a pizza enthusiast and lover of all things green (like my cactus)! If you want to discuss how NYC has the best pizza, sociological perspectives, or intersectional feminism send me an email!

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