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Evan Hangley

Evan Hangley

Computer Science | Falmouth, MA
Who is your favorite faculty member and why?

My favorite faculty member would have to be Jim Conklin, a mathematics professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences. Not only is he my academic advisor, but one of my closest friends on staff here. He's helped me through any and all problems I've come to him with, both academic and personal. Much like so many of the other professors here, he is friendly, attentive, and just overall an amazing individual to work with!

Majors: Mathematics and Computer Science

ICC Theme: Inquiry, Imagination, and Innovation

Some cool things I do on campus are:

The Ithaca College Accidentals: First of all, I love singing, especially A cappella! I auditioned here at IC but didn't get in my first time around, so, I did what all annoying freshman would do, and started my own! Currently, I am the president of a The Accidentals Co-ed A cappella group, and not many people can say they're president of a student organization as a freshman. Over all else, this position has allowed me to branch out, meet so many interesting people, and develop my love for singing even further than I ever thought possible! I strongly suggest to audition for A cappella here at Ithaca College!

I've been connected with music for my entire life. I learned how to express my individuality by involving myself in any and all music opportunities that I've been offered. From chorus to band, and from musical theater to A cappella, I wouldn't be who I am today without music! Love music? Talk to me about anything! I love to chat about other people's interests! Any more questions?

Feel free to e-mail me at