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Sierra Baker

Sierra Baker

Documentary Studies and Production | Redmond, WA

Major: Documentary Studies and Production

Minor: Outdoor Pursuits

ICC Theme: Power and Justice

Some of the cool things I do on campus are:

PALS Programs

FYRE Community involvement

Residential Housing Association

All of these experiences have been incredibly unique and formative as a student of IC. As a Governor of Lyon Hall, I not only participate in Executive Community Council meetings with the Eastman/Lyon cluster but also attend weekly Residential Housing Association meetings. Because of the inclusive and welcoming environment, I was challenged to run for an executive position. Because of this experience I became the Secretary of RHA, but also gained more power towards changing campus issues and growing closer with residents outside The Quad. While I love every class I take, sometimes it is necessary to take a "fun" class. After realizing my dance skills were sub-par, I enrolled in a Swing dance class. Offered by one of the most charismatic and passionate people I will ever meet, my instructor made me feel comfortable and ready to dance. This opportunity encouraged me to pursue other "untraditional" classes like Scuba, which I plan to complete next semester. It also allowed me to meet people I never would see otherwise and gave me connections that resulted in me joining clubs that I never thought I would have before. Ithaca has so many amazing opportunities that sometimes hide themselves from students. However, with a little digging and effort I, along with everyone else, have access to a world of peculiar events, classes and people.

Exploring the Ithaca area:

I explore anything and everything. I have gone to every festival Ithaca has offered since I have been a student. Porch-fest, Apple-fest, Wizarding Weekend, Ice-fest & Chowder Cook-Off, Chili-fest, you name it (I hope to go to the Ithaca Celtic Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival in the summer). I've attended the International Rutabaga Curling Championships held on the last Farmers Market of the year, it was surely the most amazing thing I've ever witnessed. I've been to every gorge, fall, and river that Ithaca provides along with every museum in the vicinity. Cinemapolis and Waffle Frolic (did you know an IC alumni started WaffleFrolic???) know me by name, as well as half of the TCAT bus drivers. To me, being a student of IC not only means attending campus events but exploring the area around you. No matter how big or small, I will ALWAYS tell you to choose adventure over comfort, and most likely ask to come along.

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Why did you choose Ithaca College?

I always knew I wanted to travel far for school. College was the first opportunity I got to choose my own life path and I wasn’t going to waste it. I eventually narrowed down on schools in the Northeast and chose four to tour. On the flight home, decision day looming, I couldn’t decide. But looking at all the majors IC’s Park School offered, I realized I wanted to pursue every single one. Out of all the schools I was considering, none of them made me feel that excited. That was the tipping point for me.