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Malick Mercier

Malick Mercier

Journalism | Brooklyn, NY
What is the best class the you've taken so far, and why?

The best class I've taken so far was "Gun: American Object, Ugly Freedom" -- my first-year seminar. It really --(in a way I don't think I could have done without the recommended texts and class discussions) -- allowed (maybe even coerced) me into thinking critically about the place we have found ourselves as a country with guns and our relationship with them. I knew nothing about gun history before, and I didn't really understand how today gun laws weren't working.

Major: Journalism

ICC Theme: Power and Justice

Park Scholar Program: By being apart of the Park Scholar Program I have had the opportunity to really question everything from local to global service. Is there a real need here? What is that need? Am I the best person to assist in this role or at this place? -- This has helped me in working through my group service project where I covered the disability factor in the housing crisis Ithaca, N.Y. is currently undergoing. I am sure my learning here will continue to help me as I pursue a new group service project this semester -- interacting with and exploring educational activities like, writing with juvenile students kept behind bars at the MacCormick Secure Center -- a maximum security prison not far from our college. I am also sure that it will come in handy as I pursue my first individual service project with Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport.

As a Journalism student some of the ways I have loved taking part in student media:

I was a feature assistant producer on ICTV Reports. I loved getting to go out on shoots and meet people! It is so wild having the opportunity to talk to so many different people, see them live their passions, and then tell their story.

As an associate producer on ICTV's Newswatch, I got to read the top international, national, state, and local stories and then write them for broadcast form which was an awesome opportunity. It allowed me to really think of putting things in the way that our anchors would actually say them.

On Good Day Ithaca I was a social media-politics reporter. I got to read the top politics headlines -- boy did we have some CRAZY ones last semester -- write my own script and then tell it to an iPhone camera which we would basically post all over our social media handles. The show, being brand new, wasn't qualified to be on-air yet but it was cool to get a glimpse of all that it takes to build a show from the ground up. The show did get cleared to air for this semester. It was awesome to see what a digital age show would mean.

I also had the opportunity to produce, write, and host -- basically create -- my own radio news show twice a week on WICB and VIC Radio here. I loved seeing what it meant to work in different time slots and I loved telling the news. We incorporate two international, two national, one NY state (not NYC), and one local story into every single newscast. This was so fulfilling because as soon as you're done -- you're literally done!!

I'm in the process of applying to internships and the Office of Career Services has been of great help!

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