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Molly Robbins

Molly Robbins

Psychology | Irvington, NY
Why did you choose Ithaca College?

I chose IC because of the opportunities I knew I would have here. I know that sounds cheesy, but it is really true. I love how I can study brains for part of my day and be in the music school for another part of my day. I love that I can live with an acting major and be friends with a math major all in one place. The people here are amazing too: always supportive and encouraging. I love the size too. I see new people every day but familiar faces along the way all the time. Lastly, the Ithaca area is spectacular. We have a great downtown life and natural lands within a short walk of each other.

Major: Psychology

Minors: Counseling

Theme: Identities

Some of the cool things I do on campus are:

  • The Honors Program
  • Behavioral Research Team
  • Resident Assistant in First Year Residential Experience
  • Teaching Assistant for Cognition class
  • Yoga class
  • Co-president for Active Minds
  • Assistant Musical Director for Pitch Please A Capella
  • Member of Prism club
  • Member of Campus Chorus

I am on a Behavioral Research team of 6 of my peers working with our professor. We study alcohol, stress, and coping in an adolescent model. I never thought I would be interested in research, but now I am even considering a PhD in cognitive neuroscience. I am also applying to be a Summer Scholar to research social justice resilience or stigma in homeless individuals living with mental illness.

I am the co-president for Active Minds, a mental health advocacy organization on campus. We are a chapter of the national organization and our goal is to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness. I also was the SYM (Speak Your Mind) panel co-chair, so I organized student panels about mental health in classrooms. Active Minds at Ithaca College was recently named chapter of the month and we have an amazing set of events planned every semester.

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