Get Involved

Simply sharing your positive Ithaca College experiences with others is one way you continually serve as an ambassador for the college and its mission. There are a variety of volunteer options, whether meeting with a prospective student, helping with regional chapter events, planning a class reunion, or making calls to help raise money for scholarships. Share your passion for IC in the way that feels right for you, and be sure to stay connected!

Volunteers Make IC Stronger

You bring what is great about Ithaca to the wider world by spreading the good news from campus, being an advocate, recruiting the best and brightest new students and talking about how IC helped you become the person you are today. As representatives of the college and partners with the Division of College Relations and Advancement, you assist us in fulfilling our mission, vision, and values. Thank you for caring enough to share your time, ideas, resources and talents.

Volunteering 101

  • As a volunteer, you play a significant role in supporting Ithaca College's reputation in the world.
  • You are a leader and role model for other alumni and parents. The work you do, and the way you speak about IC, reflects back on our community.
  • The following are a set of principles that will guide your work as an Ithaca volunteer.
    Volunteer Resources

It's Easy to Sign Up

There are many ways you can join our growing ranks!

  1. Fill out the volunteer inquiry form.
  2. Talk to a staff member or volunteer at an event in Ithaca or at a regional event.
  3. Contact Lynne Pierce, associate director of volunteer programs, Engagement Constituent Relations, at or (607) 274-3194.
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