4 Reasons We're Excited to Launch our New Website!

By Jennifer MacKenzie, May 11, 2018
We formally launched our new Ithaca.edu website on May 11th! While there are many reasons we’re excited about our new site, here are just four of the things our team is most proud of.

Earlier today (May 11th), we formally launched our new Ithaca.edu website. While there are many reasons we’re excited about our new site, here are just four of the things our IC web team is most proud of: 

1) A New Look and a New Voice! 

“I’m looking forward to sharing a visual and interactive digital product that delivers an exceptional user experience that captures and communicates the essence of Ithaca College.” 

  • Katherine Malcuria – Senior Digital User Interface Designer 

 “I'm excited for the Ithaca.edu web experience to feel like a true reflection of our welcoming and inspiring campus community.” 

  • Nellie Wallace – Senior Creative Copywriter  

 “I'm excited for the dynamic and engaging content we'll be able to share with the community.” 

  • Adam Baker – Multimedia Director 

Gone are the muted and dark blues and grays and dated typefaces and navigation elements of the existing site. Instead, a clean, and modern treatment is now taking shape, with bright and energetic colors and fonts, combined with a richer multimedia presence and easier reading and interaction experience. The way we speak about the college has also been revamped. An approachable, colloquial tone that holds steadfast to IC's reputation as a place of academic excellence and integrity, was crafted by our team and will be seen throughout the site in a way to make the college's descriptive information more compelling, frank, and helpful for readers and viewers. Plus, we have more incredibly beautiful photos and videos that convey the sense of place that's so integral to the IC experience. 

2) State-of-the-Art Content Management System! 

I'm excited that we are using a content management system (Drupal) that is versatile, will be able to evolve, and is supported by a large open-source community. 

  • Eric Woods  Web Developer  

 As some of you may know, the existing content management system (CMS), Web Profile Manager or WPM, was built in-house over a decade ago by some extremely talented web developers/architects and has been hosted on campus-based servers ever since. But technology changes quickly, and it's hard to keep up with change on a home-grown system. Our decision-making process led us to Drupal for our new CMS (one that is highly flexible, capable, and open source), and all of our hosting will now be done securely, at rapid delivery speeds, and with fail-safes, in the cloud.   

3) Expanded Accessibility! 

If I had to pick one piece I am most proud of right now, it's how much more accessible the site will be to ALL users. And that's an experience I hope will only get better year after year.” 

  • David Cameron – Senior Web Strategist and Project Lead 

 Accessibility promotes an improved user experience for everyone. By making sure we're thinking about the specific needs of users who interact with our website without a screen or a mouse for example, we're actually making the entire website experience better for anyone, regardless of the devices and screens they use. Simple and clear layouts, high color contrast, alternate text descriptions for images, and captions for videos are other improvements that will make the Ithaca College website a positive place for all of our visitors. 

 4) Last, but Certainly Not Least, Improved User-Focus! 

I'm excited to see our users excited about using our website for the first time in many years. 

  • Brian Bessire – Senior Strategist, Marketing and Digital Insight 

The entire overhaul of the Ithaca.edu website was, of course, driven by YOU – our users. The new site is designed to make your busy lives easier; to quickly find the information you need and to be responsive whether you’re using a desktop computer in your office, a tablet in your dorm room, or your phone as you walk to your next class. However, the journey doesn’t end here, and we’ll always be making improvements. So if you have any suggestions/feedback on our new website after it goes live, please share your thoughts via the short survey you’ll find on the new homepage or through an email to web@ithaca.edu.