A New Look for WPM Content

The first phase of IC’s new website launch included a visual update for content still maintained through the legacy content management system, Web Profile Manager (WPM). This refresh was done in order to provide consistency for site visitors. One aspect of this update affects where WPM content gets displayed on a page.

The content that previously occupied the right sidebar of the old site template now displays below the main body content. These content elements include:

  • Photo
  • Callout Boxes
  • Featured sections: documents, news, blogs, dates list, FAQs

Photo Changes

Photos added to a page using the "Set Image" option in WPM will no longer display in the new template.

Some images or logos that were embedded into callout boxes may still appear, but these are not ideal and should be removed by content managers.


The new IC website places an emphasis on strong, compelling visuals that communicate action, a sense of place, and/or emotion. The image files themselves are larger and high-resolution, so as to look crisp and clear whether being viewed on a smartphone screen or a large flat-screen monitor or television.

Unfortunately, WPM predates the modern web, and the image files it accomodates don't meet these current standards or needs. Rather than display these small, low-resolution images, the web team decided it was best they be suppressed in the new template for WPM template.