Access and Viewing Rights

Access Rights

If you are a Primary Content Manager (PCM), you are the main person responsible for the profile, whether it's a department or faculty profile.

Under the old model of building department Web pages, one person was responsible for managing the website. This restriction is no longer an issue with the profile manager, as the PCM can delegate access to other people to help work on the profile.

To set access rights, first go to the menu link called "Access Rights." From there, you will see the option "Grant Access to Username."

Users who are not the PCM and have designate rights to a profile are either “Publishers” or “Contributors.” Publishers can edit content on the Intro Page without having to have it reviewed by the PCM first; changes will go live after publishing. The PCM can elect to be notified when changes are made by a Publisher under “Access Rights,” if desired. Contributors can edit content on the Intro Page and any Custom Section, but it is submitted to the PCM or a Publisher for approval before being published. Currently, other content (i.e. photo galleries, documents, and blogs) will go live without publishing or approval.

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Enter the Ithaca e-mail username of the person you wish to grant access to, and choose “can publish, notify on publish requests” to set the delegate as a Publisher and to have an email sent to him or her when there is new content to approve; choose “can publish, but do not notify on publish requests” to set the delegate as a Publisher who does not receive publish request emails; and choose “submit changes for approval” to set the delegate as a Contributor. That person will be able to log in to the profile manager and work on your profile as soon as you click “add user.” You can just as easily remove someone's access by clicking the delete button next to his or her name. If you don't know the person's Ithaca e-mail username, you can look it up in the "Directory Search" box to the right of the "Grant Access" field. 

There is no limit to the number of people you delegate access to your profile. In fact, it can be anyone who is an Ithaca College community member. The only requirement is that they have an Ithaca College e-mail address. Faculty as well as departments can use this access-rights function to get the help they may need.

FYI: Access means complete access

It's important to be aware that once you grant access to someone, they can do anything you can do on the profile. At this time, it's all or nothing -- there is no way to restrict someone's access to a certain section or type of content (with the exception of bloggers). If you would like a delegate to work only on a certain section, you can enforce this by asking them to limit what they work on. A professional trust should be adequate to prevent major problems.

You will be notified by e-mail whenever a delegate makes a change to your profile. Since you are ultimately responsible for your delegates' choices, it's important for you to know what they are doing. The volume of e-mail could be annoying if you are delegating responsibility to someone who will do most of the work. We're looking into options for limiting that volume. In addition, you can use the "Rollback Content" tool to "undo" any unfortunate changes your delegate might make.

Viewing Rights

Viewing Rights allow you to dictate who may see your site; only some profiles in WPM will have this feature.  To edit your viewing rights, select Viewing Rights from the Settings navigation pane within the Web Profile Manager.  You may designate several combinations of access for your site.

  • No access: Only you will be able to view your site.  When you visit the site, you will be asked to authenticate with a username and password.
  • Limited access: Give access to any combination of Ithaca College groups, or particular IC people.  If you would like to give particular people outside of the IC community access to your site, you will have to assign them a username and password.
  • Public: Allow anyone in the world to see your site.
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You may invite individuals to post to your blog without making them delegates to your whole profile.  (Any delegate to your profile has access to your blog.)  You can add as many guest bloggers as you would like, as long as they are in the Ithaca College directory.  Do so by navigating to your blog, clicking on “Bloggers,” and typing in the person’s name or Ithaca email username and clicking “search.”