Getting Help

For more information on how to use Web Profile manager, ITS offers a variety of support beyond this help section.  Scroll down to view your options.

Help Requests and Bug Reports

The Web Profile Manager is always improving.  If you have feedback or suggestions for WPM or find something on your site that doesn’t seem to be working quite right, select the “Comments, Feedback, and Bug Reports” link in the “Talkback” pane.  Provide as detailed a description as you can and click “Send.”  We’ll review your feedback and address your issue as soon as possible.

Disk Quota

By default, each WPM profile is allocated a certain amount of space that increases as you add more photos and documents.  Below is the breakdown of how much each type of site is allotted:

  • Student ePortfolios - 25MB
  • Student Organizations - 15MB
  • Faculty profile - 15MB
  • Staff profiles - 15MB
  • Department profiles - 20MB

If this is not a sufficient amount of space, you may request a quota increase by clicking on “Request a quota increase” in the “Disk Quota” pane.  Enter a brief description of why you require additional space and click “Send Your Request.

Training and Workshops

The Technology Learning Center offers hour-long introductory workshops for every type of WPM site.  Workshops are offered on a regular basis throughout the semester, and even occasionally during breaks from the academic schedule when the college is open.  Sign up and learn more instantly online.

One-on-One Support

The Technology Learning Center also offers drop-in support in 101 Friends Hall from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday when a workshop is not in session.  Any of our Training Specialists would be more than willing to help you get started.

Additional Help

Check out our Quick Guides for detailed descriptions of features and some step-by-step instructions on how to use them.  Download them to your computer or print them out for reference as you work.

If you have any questions about how to use WPM, but don't have time to stop by the Technology Learning Center, give us a call at (607) 274-3139 during business hours.  

Faculty, Staff, and Department profile maintainers should get to know their Marcom manager in the Office of Marketing Communications to learn about editorial standards and what's considered appropriate content for your website.

Please note that if you are supposed to have access to a department or student organization website, you must contact the Primary Content Manager of that website to request access.

If you don't really know where to get help first, contact the ITS Help Desk at (607) 274-1000 or at


Good luck!