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Vinita Prabhakar

This primary workshop meets each morning from 10 to 12.

This class introduces students to the art and craft of contemporary short fiction. Together we will explore the nuances of scene and setting, character development, voice, dialogue, point of view, and of course plot development. Students will read published works in a wide range of styles, do lots of writing exercises, and share their work in a supportive environment.

Vinita Prabhakar has taught Creative Writing courses at Hobart & William Smith Colleges and Elmira College, and has been with the Ithaca College Writing Department since 2010. She received her MFA from Syracuse University where she completed The Half Light Dwellers, a collection of pieces whose central characters - part bollywood part noir - seem to exist at that vanishing point between delusion and illusion, insight and dysfunction. She tries to practice what she preaches when she tells her students to write 'the thing that is riskier, the thing that costs a little more of your soul.'