Faculty Forms and Information

The Textbook department is happy to provide the Ithaca College Faculty with the following documents or form links that will speed up the process of Textbook Adoptions. In the past many of these forms were only available at the Bookstore, but now you can print them at your leisure and convenience. Please see the links below for instructions, forms and information you may need for your courses:

A brief guide to Online Adoptions

Photocopied Course Material Approval Form for copyright approvals.

Faculty Course Materials Procedures when using your own materials for duplication

Sample Highlighted Textbook Requisition Form with brief instructions

Blank Textbook Requisition Form to print

Where the Textbook Dollar Goes is a statistical illustration of the financial data

Should you need publisher information, additional textbook requisitions or have any questions, please e-mail or call Rod Beers (274-3961), Craig Canfield (274-1147), or David Dietz (274-1186).

Faculty Online Schedule for Fall 2013 eDoptions

The Bookstore Online edoption system for Fall 2013 is active. The Faculty eDoptions link can be found at this website.

New users will need to register before using the system. Returning users may need to have their password reset before they can login. Contact Craig Canfield for help resetting your password.

If you haven't researched the textbooks, please don't ask the Bookstore to purchase them.

The Bookstore Goals for Textbook fulfillment to students are:
1. To buy as many used books as possible from the students.
2. To provide the largest amount of used textbooks to the students.
3. To keep the cost of Textbooks low!

The Bookstore staff would like to say Thank You to everyone that helps us achieve these goals by submitting adoptions on time.