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Securities trading is a complex and dynamic process that manifests itself in an ever-changing environment. Interaction with other bodies is essential if there is to be success in understanding the way markets function. The following are a few links that serve the purpose of extending the study of financial, equity, and commodity markets beyond the realm of the trading room:

Thomson Reuters

The company behind the software in the trading room. Thomson Reuters is the premier provider of real-time quotation service in the world, and its site pays tribute to this with all the information relevant to the technology and experience that give users of facilities like the trading room their undeniable advantage over the average investor.

Palisade's @RISK

@RISK is an Excel add-in used in the trading room to perform Monte Carlo simulations on spreadsheet models which incorporate variables and uncertainties as distributions. This allows the modeler to examine numerous scenarios and analyze them statistically for probability and consequence.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

The governing body behind the trade of all securities in the United States. All public firms must report their financials to the SEC, making its EDGAR database a prime source of information on any company or industry.

Wall Street Journal

The leading newspaper in this country devoted to coverage of global markets, national and international politics, personal finance, and more.

From the largest news network in the world, this site provides great information about what is going on in the markets. The site also has industry updates and specifics about the different firms that are making the headlines.

The premier online finance source, has information on anything related to the world of finance. From stock quotes to company profiles this site has it all and in an easy-to-use, Internet-friendly manner. The site also provides live, real-time TV and radio streams.

Yahoo! Finance

The top search site branches into the world of finance through its Yahoo! finance page and does a very good job indeed. This site is easy to browse through and useful for finding information quickly. Among its many features this site boasts a fast ticker symbol look-up as well as a vast repository of past headlines for different companies. It also provides information on downgrades and upgrades as well as an easy-to-use currency converter.


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