Project Management Office

Project Management Office
Doing the Right Projects and Doing the Projects Right

What is project management?

Peter F. Drucker once said, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”  In saying this, he pointed out the distinction between the need to be able to accomplish goals efficiently and cost effectively, with an acceptable quality and a focus on the right goal. 

No matter how effectively an organization ‘does things,’ resources can be wasted if tasks are not completed the right way.  Organizations should only expend resources on what will support the organization’s vision and strategy. Conversely, an organization that uses clearly defined strategies to guide its selection of activities will still falter if it is executed poorly.

In order to prosper, organizations need to focus on those activities that will support the organization’s vision and strategy, and they need to be able to execute those activities as efficiently as possible. This is what project management is—applying processes, methods, knowledge, skills, and resources to achieve a goal.

It is not enough for organizations to ‘do projects right.’ It is just as important that organizations ‘do the right projects.’ An extremely well-managed and executed project will only be ‘busy work’ if it does not deliver a benefit that helps the organization achieve its vision.

What does the DIIS Project Management Office do?

The DIIS Project Management Office (PMO) focuses on both the strategic (project portfolio management) and the tactical (executing projects correctly) management of projects. We aim to manage a portfolio of Information Technology related projects so that the goals and objectives of Ithaca College are supported in a friendly, efficient, and fiscally responsible manner.

How can the DIIS Project Management Office help you?

The DIIS Project Management office provides perpetual improvements in project management methodologies, systems, and skills needed to complete projects, so that they meet each project’s objective(s)and provide each project’s targeted benefit(s).

Please explore our site to see if we can help you with a particular project.