Digital Media Services

Digital Media Services (DMS) supports the acquisition, development and deployment of digital media technology at Ithaca College.  Working with faculty and staff, DMS will provide consultation and design services to support strategic projects which enhance instruction. 

We are a service for faculty and staff. If you are a student teacher involved with edTPA, please review this information: /its/traindoc/edtpa/

RATES (New since 2014-15): Please note that we have now partnered with the Print Center to fulfill your print needs.  DMS will still be the place where you can get design help all the way through to the print order and even pick up from our location, we simply do not do the actual printing anymore.  All prices for Print Center printing will be their current rates.  

Link to the Print Center:  

Our Current Rates:

DVD:  2.00/disc which includes sleeve and printed label
CD:     2.00/disc which includes sleeve

Lab hours are 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday.  
The DMS lab telephone number is 274-1873.  
The lab e-mail is  

The Coordinator of Digital Media Services is Matt Gorney.  
His office is Job 113 and his phone number is 247-5700.  
Matt's e-mail is 


Here are some of the services we offer, or provide consultation for:

  • Ithaca College on iTunes U
  • Faculty Photos
  • Streaming Media
  • Web and Videoconferencing
  • Podcasting/Vodcasting
  • Poster Printing and Design
  • Video & Audio Production
  • DVD and Blu-Ray
  • Media Encoding & Format Conversion
  • Media Duplication
  • Mobile Device use and best practices
  • E-Books
  • Copyright


The DMS lab is located in Job 103 and is run by a very smart and capable team of students who are well versed in all aspects of digital media.  We mainly do not charge for our services but we do apply charges if materials are used. We only charge through departmental accounts and do not accept cash, or personal payment of any kind.