Digital Media Services


Digital Media Services can provide assistance converting your manuscript, manual or other written work in to a properly formatted e-book for distribution.

Dedicated e-readers are primarily mono-chromatic devices, though some are now available with color screens. These devices use eInk, which is readable in full sunlight and without the use of a back-light. The Apple iPad is a notable exception which has a high resolution color screen akin to a laptop.

E-books are easily distributed via the Internet or other media (CD, flash drive, etc). Specific devices are compatible with specific file formats. Examples of file formats we support include .epub, .pdf, .txt, .html, .opf, and .azw. These formats cover the majority of popular e-reader devices. For a detailed description of e-reader document formats visit the article E-Book Formats to the right.

Digital Media Services can help you select the proper format for the device you would like to target.

Getting Started

We recommend that your copy is available in a text based format such as Microsoft Word, an RTF or a plain text file. Images and figures should be converted to high quality (300 dpi) JPEG images. Depending upon the length of the copy, production time can vary between a few days or developed in to a semester-long or summer project.

Popular E-Readers Include:

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Apple iPad
  • Barnes & Noble Nook