Summer 2012 Technology Renewal Information

Are there lab computers, eClassroom computers or network printers in your area scheduled for replacement this summer under the Technology Renewal Program?

ITS will be replacing computers and network printers in labs and eClassrooms that are designated cycle "B" (for computers) and cycle "3" (for printers), and will be contacting lab and eClassroom coordinators in the next couple of weeks with more information.

Each computer or printer in the renewal program has an identifying asset tag listing its replacement cycle.  If you have systems being replaced, we ask that you take a moment to review each asset's information and make any needed updates. Complete information for each computer and network printer, including specific location and replacement configuration information, is available at:


Important note: The renewal program no longer provides no-cost replacements for the Apple tower computers (Mac Pro model). The standard offering under the program is the Apple iMac. Departments wishing to stay with the Mac Pro model will be charged the difference between the cost of the standard Mac desktop (iMac) and the Mac Pro (currently $1,000). Departments will need to regularly budget for this expense and will incur this cost each time a Mac Pro is replaced (every 3 years). Please refer to Carl Sgrecci’s 10/13/2010 Intercom message for more information:


* Additional information regarding Technology Renewal and Windows computers:

As announced in the 2012-2013 Computer Budget Memo, beginning this summer parallel ports will no longer be available on new Windows computers.  Departments should upgrade any legacy peripherals that require parallel ports to USB-compatible devices prior to receiving new Windows computer(s).

Lastly, ITS will soon begin deploying the Windows 7 operating system on new desktop PCs.  Stay tuned to Intercom for more information!


Originally published in Intercom: Summer 2012 Technology Renewal Information.