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Dr. Keri A. Lee

Assistant Professor

Organic/Polymer Chemistry

  • Any students interested in doing research in my labs should stop by and chat.
  • Research Interests

    My research interests are in organic polymers. Most recently I have been working on synthesizing new star polymers for use in bone tissue engineering. Star polymers have a highly branched core, called a dendrimer. On the end of each branch a long linear polymer is attached to make a star structure. These star polymers are combined with hydroxyapatite (the most common ceramic found in bone) and films are made. These films are tested for their flexibility and strength, along with their degradation characteristics.


The goal is to use these materials as synthetic bone implants. Materials currently used, like metals, are subject to fatigue and wear. They have a limited lifetime and can cause immunogenic responses. These new materials would degrade in your body and be replaced by natural bone. They act as scaffolds during the healing process to provide the strength necessary, while promoting natural healing. Eventually, the materials are either assimilated into the body or passed from it and natural bone is left in its place.

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