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Dr. Rebecca Lesses
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Gannett 122
Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY 14850

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Spring 2006 Courses Books to Purchase

If you are taking my Spring 2006 courses, there will be listed here the books for purchase for each course. You may buy them at the bookstore, or order them from other sources, such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble, which may sell them for less money.

340-203/344-203 Judaism

340-343 Biblical Interpretation in Judaism and Christianity

340-203 / 344-203 Judaism - Spring 2006 syllabus

Previously Taught courses

340-103 / 344-103 Hebrew Scriptures Fall 2004 syllabus

340-202 / 311-28503 Jews in the Modern World 2004

Revised Syllabus - List of Readings

Topics for Analysis Papers, first half of course

Topics for Analysis Papers, second half of course

340-353 / 344-376 Jewish Magic and Ritual Power

344-103 Hebrew Scriptures

340-203 Judaism 2002 syllabus

340-203 Judaism 2003 syllabus

340-333 Jewish Mysticism 2002 syllabus

340-333 Jewish Mysticism 2003 syllabus

340-202 Jews in the Modern World 2002

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