Distributed Microtopias Exhibition


Sky of Dubai

Sky of Dubai

Anne Spalter | United States

Sky of Dubai (2012)

Rendered from original video footage taken from a helicopter, Sky of Dubai visualizes moments when modern architectural and engineering landmarks of Dubai are identifiable like the Marina and the Jumeirah Palm, only to blend seamlessly via a blue kaleidoscope filter into abstract geometric patterns whose fractal organization resembles traditional Islamic art that in turn resemble aerial views of the city itself.  Islands looks like fountains, and fountains look like islands.  Blue and turquoise evoke the crystal waters of the Arabian Gulf and the glass lanterns of Ramadan celebrations, turning natural and artificial environments into microtopias for a new century.

Anne Morgan Spalter is an artist and author whose career reflects her long-standing goal of integrating art and technology. She creates art works that explore the concept of the “modern landscape” through both subject matter and digital processes used to create the work. Her work is included in leading contemporary collections in the United States, Europe and the Middle East as well as in museums such as the Albright-Knox (Buffalo, NY), the RISD Museum (Providence, RI), and the Victoria & Albert Museum (London, UK).