FLEFF Intern Stories


Brian Cicero '10

Brian Cicero, FLEFF intern alum

Communication, Management, and Design
Class of 2010
Penfield, NY

My involvement with the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival started as a freshman Communication Management and Design at the Park School, when I joined what would turn into a four year internship with the festival. 

I was drawn to FLEFF for its diverse and culturally relevant programming.

I continued my internship for the next three years because of the hands on experience the internship gave me.  I was there at the genesis of the internship program. And I watched it develop as my own experience and knowledge grew along with it. 

My FLEFF internship was the most immersive internship I had in college.

All the interns play a central role in the operations and promotion of the festival and are encouraged to explore the facets that interest them most. For me, I was able to delve into the world of viral and Internet marketing as an Intern leader of the blogging team.

FLEFF is an extremely rewarding experience: the work you put in for the weeks leading up to the festival pays off when you attend a packed screening followed by a fiery debate or a party filled with the most interesting artists, activists, and thinkers - all there to celebrate the festival. 

Aside from all the fun, the experience I gained from FLEEF help me land a job as a Research & Design assistant at Nick Jr. after college.  The "How to Get Your Break" panel every year, in particular, gave me great insight into how the entertainment industry works and what it takes to break into it.

Even now I continue to be involved with FLEFF, only now I get to experience it as a guest!