FLEFF Intern Stories


Brian McCormick '12

Brian McCormick, FLEFF intern alum

Film, Photography and Visual Art
Class of 2012
Wilbraham, MA

I participated in the FLEFF internship my Spring 2012 of my junior year.


What attracted me to FLEFF?


It's a film festival! In Ithaca! And it's an internship!


All great qualities, I thought - and it really proved to be a wonderful experience.


My experience with FLEFF immediately demystified the entire process of a film festival for me. As a member of the festival staff you learn everything that needs to be done from point A to point B.


It is a great learning experience for anyone, not just film majors, because you learn how to get publicity, how to grab attention, and how to present yourself professionally -- skills relevant in most workplaces.


FLEFF rewards people who are willing to put in a strong effort. If you're active, enthusiastic and outgoing, FLEFF will set you up with some great opportunities.


I joined FLEFF determined to get something out of it. I was selected to become one of the Intern Bloggers. I conducted one-on-one interviews and discussions with many of the visiting artists, and then when they came to show their films at Cinemapolis, they already knew who I was!


Being a blogger not only helped me understand more about the festival and the kind of films being shown, but it also enabled me to create relationships with the artists.


During the festival and the screenings at Cinemapolis, I was able to forge multiple connections with the artists and industry professionals, talking to them after the screenings of their films and hanging out at the after parties at Delilah's. Working for FLEFF, I now have a much better understanding of how festivals work and how to approach them when trying to market my own films.


I also was exposed to invaluable advice in terms of "how to make it" in the industry from artists and industry professionals who have already experienced the journey. There really is only everything to gain from participating in FLEFF.