FLEFF Internships


Internship Position

FLEFF internships are open to sophomores, juniors and seniors currently enrolled on the Ithaca College campus--in any major or school.  Interns are competitively selected through an application process reviewed by the festival staff. Up to 15 positions anticipated.

Please keep in mind that students who are former FLEFF interns or who have been enrolled in a FLEFF Festival course, FLEFF Lab (credit bearing), or FLEFF mini-course will have priority consideration.

Please do note that FLEFF is more than a film festival; it is an interdisciplinary and multimedia festival that explores film, video, new media, music, installation, performance, literature, activism, and more. A strong application will be aware and engage this interdisciplinary, international and intellectual mission of FLEFF rather than just focusing on film and video.

Students from across the schools on campus are strongly encouraged to apply.  Please note that the festival is particularly looking for interns to represent the depth and breadth of Ithaca College academic units, so that the mission and vision of the festival as an interdisciplinary and international project can be served. The festival is keenly interested in applications from the School of Music, School of Music, School of Health Sciences and Human Performance, School of Humanities and Sciences, as well as the Roy H. Park School of Communications.

All accepted interns are required to enroll in the FLEFF Practica, a one credit 200 level p/f course. The course and internship work meets the Sat before FLEFF, during the Festival (with expectation that students will fully immerse in events on campus and at Cinemapolis) and a reflection session after the festival.  The internship spans about 10 days, very concentrated and focused on training and operations.. We will enroll you once you have been accepted into the internship.

Intern duties focus on OPERATIONS and HOSPITALITY.  

Additionally, interns may learn some of the following, depending on their level of engagement, interest and motivation

  • learning about the history, economics, impact and programming of festivals
  • training in festival operations and festival protocols
  • training and engagement with the ideas and concepts of the theme of FLEFF 2015 HABITATS
  • special sessions with festival guests
  • working on a team to create successful events within the festival
  • learning about commercial and art film distribution and exhibition
  • learning about music, theater, literature, art through festival programming
  • doing weekend tabling at the local art cinema and FLEFF partner, Cinemapolis
  • learning festival protocols for hospitality for guests and fellows
  • audience outreach and development
  • events management
  • marketing, traditional and social media
  • learning that a film festival is about engaging ideas and concepts through discussion, debate, and interaction
  • working events on campus and at the theaters to insure professional presentation before and after
  • learning to engage guests on the level of ideas generated at the festival