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Viral Dissonance


About Assistant Curator Claudia Pederson

Claudia Costa Pederson, FLEFF Assistant Curator of New Media

Claudia Costa Pederson is the FLEFF Assistant Curator for New Media. She works at the intersections of art, theory, technology, and social practice. Her research and curatorial work explore theories and practices of hybridity and recombination. Her writings on play, games, digital photography, and techno-ecological art are published in Afterimage, Intelligent Agent, Eludamos, as well as the  ISEA, DAC, and CHI conference proceedings. Her most recent essay on contemporary Latin American artists working with robotics is forthcoming in an anthology on Latin American Modernism. She is a contributing moderator to -empyre-, an online listserve on new media art, for which she recently curated a month-long discussion on videogames and art with invited artists, theorists, and curators.  Other recent curatorial projects include, Gün, with Turkish women working in the intersections of media and feminism, and Home/s, a curatorial event with Turkish, Greek, and Bulgarian women at the Benaki museum, Athens, Greece.  She holds a doctorate in History of Art and Visual Studies from Cornell University. She is currently an assistant professor of screen studies at the Park H. Roy school of Communications at Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY.