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Totally Not A Virus, Trust Me...I'm a Dolphin (or I'm A Dolphin)

Totally Not A Virus, Trust Me..I'm A Dolphin (or I'm A Dolphin) by Miyo Van Stenis

Totally Not A Virus, Trust Me... I’m A Dolphin (or I’m A Dolphin)

Miyö Van Stenis, 2013

Like other malware, computer viruses “infect” software, files, and drives, rendering computer less useful or utterly useless and disrupting the Internet as a platform for sharing information. An infected computer might render the Internet inert, transforming it into an “Internert.” Unlike computer worms, Totally Not A Virus, Trust Me... I’m A Dolphin (or I’m A Dolphin) declares its innocence graphically while a code window reveals a computer worm (ILOVEYOU.txt.vbs) in code. Since we no longer require “click here” instructions to operate GUI (graphical user interface), I’m A Dolphin asks us to think about the machine acts that we initiate by clicking our mouse on innocent-looking images, particularly the clickbait of tantalizing images and suggestive headlines.

Miyö Van Stenis (Venezuela) transforms the technological interfaces, operating systems, and software of the Internet into aesthetic contemplations to question relationship between humans and machines, and between poetry and computational science. Through experimental work, machines and computations expressing themselves in “a kind of hyperbolic reflection of their world,” a “performative action where the value is the human action in pursuit of error, the unexpected, creating a meeting point between the human, the machine, the error and the undeniable desire of poetic beauty.”