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Viral Dissonance


Jury Prize: Zetamaze

Zetamaze by Brannon Dorsey

Brannon Dorsey 2014

Zetamaze is an open-source game in which players help construct a maze, decorate its walls with virtual graffiti, and fill folders with files to share with other players. Drawing upon W.H. Matthews’s Mazes and Labyrinths: Their History and Development (1922), Zetamaze encourages meandering in 2014 by translating the “lure of the labyrinth” into 3D virtual space. Interaction with other players is entirely anonymous.

“Political messages, smiling cats, and messages of all kinds inhabit the walls of the maze,” explain Cachucho and Fakhamzadeh. Wondering the corridors of the maze, players encounter files and folders left by other players—and are prompted to contribute their own files to share with others. “You find yourself uploading unknown content,” they explain; “perhaps an academic article you had lying on your desktop or the latest cat-gif sent by a friend: you yourself can influence the experience of future visitors.”

Brannon Dorsey (United States) works in a diverse range of mediums from creative code, programming, and new media art to sculpture, photography, and film. His recent work utilizes databases, custom software, and networked devices to express larger ideas regarding contemporary culture and art.