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You Are Here

As a donor to Ithaca College, you are everywhere on our campus. You are the Tuesday-morning chemistry lecture. You are the financial aid that puts students on campus. You are the next big invention. Have no doubt, you are here for our students.

Please enjoy the following snapshots of life at IC -- they wouldn't happen without you.


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Bloomberg Terminals Mean BusinessBloomberg Terminals Mean Business

Buzz past the trading room on the first floor of IC's business school building, and you'll see what appears to be a typical scene. Groups of students, intent on their work and the monitor in front of them, fingers tapping away on keyboards.

Just another day in the computer lab, right? Well . . . not exactly.

Careful observation reveals a few key details. The keyboards aren't your basic black. In fact, they're pretty hefty compared to the usual fare and with distinctive colors, too. They're Bloomberg keyboards, a piece of equipment that anyone who's anyone in business will ID on sight.

Bloomberg terminals are an industry-standard tool. They're used to access global financial data, screen for stock ideas, monitor and analyze the shifting sands of the business world. And, because of support from the Ithaca College Annual Fund, IC's school of business has them.

"The Bloomberg platform gives students access to the same data, the same news, the same analytical capabilities as real-life practitioners who are out there doing investment or financial market work," says Bob Andolina, business school lecturer. Bob teaches Real-Time Portfolio Management, a course that utilizes the terminals.

"The [Bloomberg] terminals and the classes I'm taking now, especially in my senior year, are really where it all comes together," says senior David Hill, a business administration major in Bob's class. "It's a chance to apply basically everything I've been taught so far and realize where my strengths and weaknesses are."

Because of you, David is having the experiences that will prepare him for a career in business, and Bob has the resources to help him. We cannot thank you enough for your generosity to Ithaca College.