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You Are Here

As a donor to Ithaca College, you are everywhere on our campus. You are the Tuesday-morning chemistry lecture. You are the financial aid that puts students on campus. You are the next big invention. Have no doubt, you are here for our students.

Please enjoy the following snapshots of life at IC -- they wouldn't happen without you.


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Strengthening Our FacultyStrengthening Our Faculty

On the third floor of the Ithaca College library, a suite of rooms resides. It's tucked back a bit, somewhat apart from the learning, prepping, studying, and chatting students who fill the library's second floor. But don't be fooled. There's plenty of learning, prepping, studying, and chatting going on here, too -- it's just faculty members who are doing it.

The suite is called the Center for Faculty Excellence. As a physical space, it has existed since July 2012; before then, it existed virtually as an online repository of resources for faculty.

"This place is intended to foster collaboration among faculty, to be a venue that facilitates the expression and evolution of pedagogical approaches," explains Wade Pickren, the center's director. "Over the short course of a year, this center has become intimately involved in the life of the college."

The center offers regular workshops for faculty, bringing educators to the table to discuss things like tenure, explore others' research, or learn about campus issues. Last year, about 50 such events were held. A faculty-in-residence program has also been implemented, and this year three IC faculty members received awards to pursue their research.

So what does this relatively new center mean for IC students? Plenty.

"Courageous, caring, and innovative teachers have a huge impact on their pupils," say George and Diane Conneman [pictured above with President Tom Rochon]. The Connemans, longtime members of the Friends of Ithaca College, both have professional backgrounds in education. They created an endowment to support the center.

"All good teachers needed positive reinforcement, and this center will help new professors think about how their pupils learn, provide them with effective teaching tools, and encourage all professors to value their classroom time with students."