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As a donor to Ithaca College, you are everywhere on our campus. You are the Tuesday-morning chemistry lecture. You are the financial aid that puts students on campus. You are the next big invention. Have no doubt, you are here for our students.

Please enjoy the following snapshots of life at IC -- they wouldn't happen without you.


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Strengthening BondsStrengthening Bonds

It was 2008. Annie Wall [pictured above, at lower right], CFO at Kendal at Ithaca, was on the phone with a representative at Lehman Brothers, Kendal's investment firm. As the two negotiated interest rate swaps in the face of the market meltdown, they did so in the presence of a third pair of ears: an Ithaca College School of Business student intern.

"Each one of our interns has unique opportunities, depending on what's happening at Kendal," Annie says. "Students sit right here in my office and get a firsthand view of this business."

A few years have passed since that emergency in 2008, but the connection between Kendal and IC has done nothing but strengthen. Kendal has been welcoming interns for about 12 years, and Annie has hired almost 20 IC School of Business students to work in her office. Becky Kabel '14 is one of them.

Becky's a business administration major with concentrations in international business and finance. She interned with Annie this past summer.

"I learned a lot about what it takes to go into corporate finance," Becky says. "It was one of those internships where you are given a task and you run with it."

At Kendal, students learn the nuts and bolts, like asset receivables, auditing, spreadsheet management, and payroll reports. But because of Kendal's complex business model, interns also see what it's like to tackle Medicare billing and comply with New York State regulations, including Department of Health stipulations.

The partnership means students get a one-of-a-kind experience, and Annie gets knowledgeable assistance in her busy office.

"We have wonderful interns," Annie says. "I've been just so pleased with the quality of the students who come here."